Free Fiction

You can read some of my fiction for free, including an alternate-planet clockpunk novel, The Clockwork Dragon, and its tied-in novella, Beyond Blood.

The Clockwork Dragon

One was bred to create…

The other was created to destroy…

Both must stop the war.

Born into the dreary assembly lines of the Cog Clan’s techworkers, Seven Valin yearns for something greater—to become a Navigator, those bred to fly the soaring clockwork dragons of war. But when he breaks the secret code to the Clan leader’s laboratory as a test of his abilities, he finds more than the simple, mindless machine dragon he’s yearned to fly.

Zefir is a dragon made of metal wrought for battle, but also a creature possessed of a child-like sentience. Together Valin and Zefir must learn to trust one another while seeking the mystery of the war’s origins in order to end the centuries long feud. For if they fail, the war between the Clans might rage for another two centuries.


Beyond Blood

It’s been five years since the end of the devastating centuries long war between the Cog Clan and the Wheelteeth, but old hatreds remain ready to break the fragile peace…

Third Leader Quarethstra Jarre leads an unlikely group of students for the newly created Expeditionary Squadron, teaching children from bloodlines other than the Navigators who were bred and born to fly. As the lowest of the lowbloods, the students must overcome the prejudices against them—even among one another. But when they find themselves as a target for a nefarious plan to renew the war, they must band together to survive.

For who is the enemy, and who is a friend?

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